What are your production times?

I have a 4-6 week production time on all pieces. This timeframe may be a little longer over holidays and busy periods.
Everything on my site bar the t-shirts are handmade by me with love, this takes time.
I’m happy to answer questions about your order, but please be respectful of the above timeframe and consider this before ordering. 
(IMPORTANT) The 4-6 week production time is from the date that you provide me with the requested measurements. I ask that measurements be provided in the customer notes on checkout. If you don’t manage this you can send me an email, but please be aware that your 4-6 week production time will start when I have received the measurements. 

Do you do offer rush orders?

I no longer offer rush orders. The nature of the business is that there's always a backlog of orders that I am to work through. Prioritising one person's order over anothers is unfair to the others who are waiting.

If the item is a gift, please allow plenty of time for the item to be produced, or consider purchasing a gift voucher instead, these are sent in printable PDF form by email.  

How does your sizing work?

Everything on my site is made to measure.
It's a core value of the brand that all body types are valid and beautiful, my sizing will always reflect that. 
When you're shopping, please read the product description where the required measurements are outlined and leave them in the check out notes. 
Giving waist measurements as an example, please take a tape measure and put it around your waist where you would like the belt to sit. The measurement you have provided will be where I will place the middle hole. The pieces are adjustable up and down from this point. Please do not give a range, your measurement is sufficient. 

The necklaces have standard sizing, so if you don’t provide a measurement for those, they will be made in the standard sizing detailed in the product description. If you would like the necklace to be bigger or smaller, please leave a note in the check out notes. 

What is your return/exchange policy?

I do not accept returns or exchanges except when an item is faulty, or the wrong design was sent.

All pieces are made to order in custom measurements, and so they cannot then be sold to another customer.
I ask that you make sure that all measurements are correct before ordering. I cannot offer a return or exchange when you have sent me incorrect measurements.
If I have made a mistake in sizing, that can of course be rectified. 

What if I want to change or cancel my order?

Please contact me as soon as you have decided that you want to cancel your order.  I will only be able to offer you a refund if I have not started production. 

If you wish to add something please let me know before the order has shipped, otherwise I will not be able to combine postage. 

How do you ship?

I offer international shipping on all items.
Please triple check your address, email and all contact information before placing your order. 

I use different shipping companies to send items to different countries. When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information. Please keep an eye on the tracking. If the item sits in a post office local to you and is then sent back to me, I would need to charge postage again to have it shipped back to you. 

What about local customs/ taxes?

For international orders, customs are sometimes due on delivery. This is outside of my control and I would not be able to provide you with any quotes for the amount. I will also not be able to mark your order as a gift to avoid this. 

Do you do custom work?

I love making custom pieces, but I will only make items that are within my wheelhouse. I stopped making clothing a while back, so it is only the accessories that I will make.
I buy materials in bulk, so I would not be able to make items in colours that I don’t have to hand. 
You can email me with your ideas and I will let you know if I'm able to make them for you. You're welcome to send references, but I will not copy another designers work. 

Where are you based and do you have a physical store?

I’m based in Berlin Germany. I do not have a physical store yet. I make all of the items out of a private studio in Berlin.
I cannot offer a shop experience of trying items on at my studio as I do not keep items in stock. 

Do you offer loans/rentals?

I don’t offer this service. All pieces are made to order and I don’t have items in stock.

Do you offer replacements/repairs for damaged goods?

If the fault is with me, I will happily repair or replace your item. If the item is damaged due to wear and tear, I may be able to repair it at cost depending on the issue. Please email me with photos and a description of the problem. 

Which materials do you use and how are they cared for?

Most pieces are made from vinyl/PVC and metal hardware.

Vinyl care

To keep vinyl clean, it is best to gently wipe it down with a damp cloth. Do not emerge the products in water. Store in a dark cool space and avoid storing white or coloured PVC with coloured clothing to avoid colour transfer. 

Nickel allergy

All of the pieces with silver metals contain nickel. If you have a nickel allergy, it would be best to choose pieces with gold metals as these are made from brass. 

Where can I see some customer pics?

Check out my Instagram  for lots of gorgeous customer pics <3

What payment options are available?

I accept PayPal or credit card payments through my website. If you're placing a custom order with me directly, we can arrange payment through either of these channels. 

How do I contact you?

You can contact me with any of your questions through the email form or at [email protected]